About Tatiana Tesker

Let me introduce myself. I’m a Registered Homeopath with College of Homeopaths of Ontario with more then 10 years of professional experience. I help people to reach their best potential and restore their health using natural and homeopathic remedies.

How I became a Homeopath: After immigrating to Canada in 2001 I was debating which profession to choose – I had my Medical Psychology degree and experience working at Fertility Clinic as a psychologist in Kiev, Ukraine as well as teaching psychology at Kiev Linguistic University. I thought about the possibility to continue in the same field here in Canada, but I was so impressed by healing potential of homeopathic medicines  – my almost constant headaches disappeared after а consultation with professional homeopath and taking prescribed homeopathic remedy. Also our paediatrician was helping my children with their health exclusively with natural and homeopathic remedies. I saw results, I started to read books to understand this method of treatment, I became passionate about it. I always was interested in psychosomatic aspects of health and psychophysiology – how our emotional state can affect physical health and vice versa (my PhD project was on Psychosomatic Aspects of Infertility). Homeopathy allows to address that totality and heal the whole. In 2003 I went to Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine to study Medical Science and Homeopathic Medicine and graduated in 2006 as a Homeopathic Doctor and have practiced homeopathy since. I run my private practice from my home office in Ancaster, Ontario and work as a Teaching Clinic Supervisor at Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine.

Curriculum Vitae

Trained in Classical Homeopathy (in private practice since 2006)
Significant results in treating chronic diseases – arthritis, skin problems, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalances, cancer, autism and others
More than 20 years of practice
Working with a broad range of psycho-social issues
Extensive knowledge of different psychotherapeutic approaches (CBT, SFBT, Adlerian Psychology, Gestalt, NLP and Symbolic Modelling Therapy)
Working with individuals of all ages, couples, children, youth and families, group therapy experience
Knowledge and experience in the area of mental illness detection, treatment and management
Eclectic theoretical perspective/Multicultural practices


Teaching Psychology and Communication Course – Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine (June 2019 – Current);
Clinic Supervisor – Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine (May 2017 – current);
Homeopath – Private Practice, Ancaster, Ontario (May 2006 – current);
Counsellor – Private Practice, Ancaster, Ontario (May 2006 – current);
Counsellor – Dr. Dan Dalton and Associates – Psychological Counselling and Assessment Services (Sep 2009 – April 2017);
Associate Psychotherapist (individual counselling) – Dr. Sala and Associates, Hamilton, Ontario (October 2013 – December 2015);
Psychotherapist/Homeopathic Doctor (individual counselling, homeopathy) – Canadian Integrative Cancer Centre, Oakville, Ontario (June 2010 – June 2012);
Psychotherapist – Private Practice, Toronto, Ontario (May 2001 – May 2003)
Psychotherapist/ Psychometrist – Fertility Clinic at Family Counselling Centre, Hospital #6, Kiev, Ukraine – (July 1995 – December 2000);
Psycho-diagnostics of family-related disorders/ Preparation of psychological family profile as a basis for complex medical and psychotherapeutic treatment/ Family and individual counselling
Lecturer (teaching position) – Kiev Linguistic University, Kiev, Ukraine (August 1997 – March 1999)
Conducting lectures, seminars, discussions groups and laboratory sessions in “Child Development Psychology”, “Introduction to psychology”, “Psychophysiology”, and “Psychometric for education purposes”/ Supervising research projects in psychophysiology and psychometrics/ Providing Psychotherapy Consulting to the students
Psychoeducational Specialist – Dnepropetrovsk Waldorf School, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine (July 1995 – June 1997);
Psychoeducational assessments (achievement, intellectual, visual-motor, and projective testing)/ Individual and group counseling/ Behavioral, crisis intervention with elementary-level children with learning disabilities/ Developed and implemented a program of supportive group counseling for special education students to help them with their unique issues (i.e. frustration, peer and family relationships, etc.)

Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Health Science – Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine (2003 – 2006)
Ph.D. candidate in Psychology – Kiev Linguistic University, Psychology Department.
Research on Psychosomatic Aspects of Infertility (1996-2000)
Master’s Degree in Psychology – Dnepropetrovsk State University (1990 – 1995)
Specialization: Medical Psychology/Psychometrics


Phenomenological Approach in Case Taking – Poster Presenter at 74th LMHI Congress, Sorrento, Italy (2019)

Skin Diseases with Dr. Jose (2019)
The 8 Box Method with Dr. Rajan Sankaran (2018)
Clinical Homeopathy for Treatment Autism and ADD/ADHD Disorders with Dr. Jose (2018)
Synergy: Towards Consistent Results in Homeopathy with Dr. Rajan Sankaran (2016)
Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology with Dr. Will Taylor, M.D. (2016)
Poales and Pinales: Grasses and Conifers in Homeopathy with Dr. Linda Johnston, M.D. and France Vermeulen (2016)
Bruised, Battered, Beaten and Broken: The Asteraceae Family in Homeopathy with Dr. Linda Johnston, M.D. and Frans Vermeulen (2016)
Certificate of Participation at Protecting the Future of Our Group Practice By Developing New and Innovative Services that are Safe and Sustainable. Host Dalton and Associates (2014)
Certificate of Participation at DBT – Rid Yourself of the Fears of Managing Difficult Clients. Host Betty Lou Homer, R.N. (2014)
Certificate of Participation at The Perfect Storm: Anxiously Attached Women and Dismissive Avoidantly Attached Men Together in Romantic Relationships. Host Catherine Wood, Ph.D. (2014)
Certificate of Participation at The Attached Roadmap: Assessing and treating parent-child relationships as the primary intervention for children’s troubled behaviour with Mary Rella, B.A., Dip.C.S. (2014)
Certificate of Attendance at Homeopathic Mental Health Congress (2013)
Certificate of Participation at Finding a Way: Resolving Grief and Loss. Host Wes Wiingett, Ph.D., C.Psych (2012)
Certificate of Attendance at Psychoimmunology of Trauma (2011)
Certificate of Attendance at Light Side of Gestalt Therapy (2011)
Certificate of Attendance at Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Host Dr. Christine Padesky (2010)
Certificate of Attendance at Adlerian Psychology. Host Dr. Wes Wingett (2010)
Certificate of Attendance at Homewood Presentations on How Trauma Impacts Daily Life, Dr. Dianne Pittman; Trauma and Addiction “The Dynamic Duo” with Dr. William Jacyk; A Consumer Perspective with Mina McCluskey (2010)
Certificate of Attendance at Vital Causes of Cancer. Host: Alize Timmerman (2009)
Certificate of Attendance at Divya Chhabra Homeopathiy Seminar (2008)
Certificate of Attendance at Jan Scholten, M.D. Homeopathy Seminar (2006)
Association of Family Therapy – Moscow, Russia (1994-1996)
Certificate of Attendance at Ericksonian Hypnotic Techniques Workshop. Host: Ernest Rossi (USA) (1996)
Cert. of Att. at Metaphors in Therapeutic Interventions Course. Host: Norman D. Vaughton (UK) (1995)
Master Practitioner Certificate in NLP. Host: Director of Erickson College (Vancouver, BC, Canada), head of BC NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming Institute Marilyn Atkinson (1995)