Homeopathic Study Retreat in Italy

Study and Rejuvenate

Dear Colleagues, 

I would like to extend to you the opportunity to take part in a seminar on Advanced Case Taking Techniques that will take place in a beautiful boutique eco retreat located on 15 hectares of property, 650m above sea level in breathtaking Umbrian Apennines 10km from the town of Assisi. 

In this seminar you will be taught how to optimize your time to select a remedy that matches the state of the patient using Clean Language Method. The Clean Language Method technique is an elegant way to facilitate revelation of the pattern of the disease and create patient’s experience map. You will learn how safely navigate through patient’s traumatic experiences to minimize the effect of re-opening wounds utilizing the language of metaphors. We will discuss human trauma responses and main trauma remedies.

Adopted from a psychotherapy technique developed by David Grove, this technique was transformed and applied in my homeopathic practice. This unique case taking method allows you to respect the “ecology” of the patient, while staying with and exploring the patient’s perception of reality, and understanding how it is coded into language, body expressions and disease patterns.

The learning process includes:  

  • learning sessions;
  • practice sessions, where you learn how to apply Clean Language Technique;
  • sessions to study treated cases and Materia Medica. 
  • sessions of self-discovery.

Sample Day Schedule:

Our 4 out of 7 days will be filled with two 3 hour learning sessions.

Meals are included in the price and will be cooked by an Italian Chef representing different Italian regional cuisines. Please inform us of any dietary preferences or restrictions and we will accommodate to your needs.

You may start your day before breakfast by enjoying a Chi Gong session, nature walks or meditation.

9 am: we meet for breakfast.

10 am: we start our first learning session of the day. 

1 pm: we take a break for lunch and siesta.

3 pm: we start our second learning session of the day.

6 pm: we wrap up the learning day with a Q&A

Dinner with wine will be served at around 7 pm. 

Relax after a long days by the stunning eco lake on property.

Spend your free time after dinner exchanging experiences and ideas over a glass of wine or a cup of tea on the stone patio overlooking the hills, strolling through the lavender fields or hiking through the trails meeting the beautiful waterfall along your way, or simply take off to the nearby towns of Assisi, Perugia, Spoleto (to name a few). Information and directions will be provided.

It is better to rent your own transportation, but transfers around the area can be arranged for a fee. You can extend your stay by contacting retreat personnel on the property. Closest airports – Rome, Perugia and Ancona; closest train stations with connection to Rome – Assisi, Foligno.

Dates: TBA

Workshop language: English/Russian

Price: 2300 EUR each for double occupancy (shared accommodation) or 3000 EUR for single occupancy.

Number of participants: min 6, max 10.

Singing up for the workshop means you are agreed to Terms and Conditions.

Please contact Tatiana for further details and to register.

Learn more about our workshop property here.