Homeopathy is a system of medicine founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. Its main principle is Like Cures Like. This means that if a substance introduced into a healthy person’s body causes sickness with a certain set of symptoms, then this very substance in homeopathic preparation will cure a disease producing similar symptoms in the body of a sick person by intensifying and strengthening body’s immune response.

For example, hives (med. Urticaria) that would produce symptoms similar to the bee sting can be treated with homeopathic remedy Apis Mellifica (honey bee venom).

In Homeopathy we recognize that symptoms produced by our body  are not only the signal that one or more body systems have been affected and disturbed, but more importantly they are body’s attempt to heal itself. Therefore, any suppressive approach will not help our affected immune system that already working to remove the disease and maintain the equilibrium. When the immune system is successful, symptoms disappear, signalling the disease is removed. When it’s not successful for any reason, the symptoms stay and may get worse. This explains the main goal of a Homeopathic treatment – provide gentle assistance to the body’s immune system in its course to remove the disturbance (disease) and restore the balance.

Anyone can use homeopathy.

It is safe for children, pregnant women and elderly people.

Homeopathic medicines will not interfere with any other forms of treatment. You will never be asked to stop the use of your prescription medications. Over time, when your health will improve, you may choose to reduce the dosage or stop your prescribed medication, but at that time you should discuss it with your family doctor. Never stop taking your prescription medication without consulting with your family doctor.

Homeopathy can greatly complement conventional treatments as well as reduce or eliminate side effects produced by conventional medicines.

People who are dealing with chronic Autism, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Acne, Bronchitis, Cancer, Digestive Problems, Eczema, Depression, Hormonal Problems, Menstrual Disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Psoriasis, Prostate Problems, Headaches, Sleep Disorders, and more can expect great health improvements from Homeopathy, as well as people with acute conditions – cold, flu, upset stomach, physical or emotional trauma.

What to expect?

The process of healing varies from person to person, depending on a level of your health and on the accuracy of the homeopathic prescription itself.

In a few days (in some cases up to 2 weeks) after taking homeopathic remedy you may find that you feel better and experience an increase in energy. Your physical complaints may gradually begin to improve, but sometimes after getting worse for a short period of time. Worsening of symptoms usually occurs within the first two weeks of starting the remedy and is a good sign. You may also experience a return of your old symptoms, which is also a good sign. This indicates that your body is clearing out old disease patterns that are usually short-lived.

Please, contact your Homeopath if you are experiencing symptoms you’ve never had before or if worsening of symptoms lasts more then two weeks.

It may be that you contracted an acute illness – flu, cold, urinary tract infection, etc. If symptoms are severe, please, contact your family physician or emergency room. In most cases it may be possible to treat your complaints homeopathically. You may want to contact your Homeopath as soon as possible to address the problem.