Initial Consultation

Adults – up to 1 hour$160(CAD), 0r 100 EURO

Adults – up to 2.5 hours – $250 (CAD), or 160 EURO  – (recommended for long lasting serious chronic diseases),

Children (0-18)$160 (CAD), or 100 EURO

Follow-up Consultation (45-60 mins)

Adults – $120 (CAD), or 80 EURO

Children (0-18)$60 (CAD), or 40 EURO

Acute Conditions$120/hour (CAD), or 80EURO/hour

Phone Consultations$3(CAD)/minute, or 2 Euro/minute – minimum charge $30(CAD), 20EURO


Please check with your extended benefits carrier whether your policy includes homeopathic treatment (sometimes included under paramedical services).

Canadian Society of Homeopaths suggests: “If your policy does not provide the coverage you require, you are encouraged to be pro-active.  You can write the insurance company, asking them to include homeopathy in your type of coverage.  If that fails, you can instruct your broker or union negotiator to find a plan that does cover homeopathy”.