Taking Notes: Skin Diseases

Burnett J. Compton, Diseases of the Skin


  • “The treatment of skin diseases as merely local affairs concerning the skin only, as is now current with nearly all medical men of all schools and all the world over, is, in my opinion, nothing less than a crime against humanity, and eminently characteristics of the cultured shallowness of the medical profession of today.”
  • I do not maintain that there is no such a thing as a skin disease of a purely local nature, such as common phthiriasis and other parasitic dirt – diseases that impinge upon the skin, but, speaking generally, I do maintain the following points: 
  1. That the skin is a very important living ORGAN of the body.   
  2. That it stands in intimate, though ill – understood, relationship to all the internal organs and parts.
  3. That its healthiness is conditioned by the general healthiness of the organism – i. e., a healthy skin on an unhealthy body is inconceivable. 
  4. That, speaking generally, its unhealthiness – its diseases – come from within, sometimes even when they initially limping upon it from without. 
  5. That being biologically within the organism, being fed from within, having its life from within, having its health from within, and having its diseases from within, it must also be treated medicinally from within.  
  6. That skin diseases are most commonly not merely organic, but at the same time organismic, or constitutional.
  7. That the skin being an excretory organ, and being spread out all over the organism, is often made use of by Nature to keep the internal organs free from disease. 
  8. That as each portion of the skin corresponds vitally with some internal organ or part, so the skin disease is often merely the outward expression of internal disease. 
  9. That, in fine, the generally received external treatment of Diseases of the Skin, whether with lotions or ointments or whatsoever else, is demonstrably shallow in conception, wrong in theory, harmful in practice, and therefore inadvisable.
  • The bark of a tree is a very fair analogue of the skin, and when I one day asked my gardener why the bark of a certain apple tree was so knobby, rough, and unhealthy – looking, he replied, “The roots have got down on the clay, Sir.” So it is, I opine, when a person’s skin becomes diseased. “The roots have got down on the clay.”

Examples of Skin Symptoms Suppression Effects

  • Angina Pectoris from Suppressed Skin Disease
  • Specific Enexanthematic Asthma after suppression of enexanthema
  • Alternating Asthma and Enlarge Liver, Psoriasis symptoms
  • Hydrocephalus, Eczema, Latent Vaccinosis
  • Death after Suppressed Eczema Capitus
  • Double Cataract from Suppressed Eruption
  • Eye Inflammation after Suppressed Eczema
  • Ossified Heart from Suppressed Eczema
  • Development of Cataract after Suppresses Scalp Eruptions
  • Scabies – Cataract – Furuncles
  • Suppressed Foot Sweat Leads to Vision Weakness

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