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Summer season is the time to travel and enjoy the outdoors, but it is also time when you most likely are away from timely medical help in case you get injured, bitten by insects or catch a cold, get food poisoning or an allergy. If you carry this simple homeopathic remedies kit, you can relieve the symptoms and heal a wound faster than you might think it takes.

Make sure you have homeopathic remedies listed below in your First Aid Travelling kit and follow the directions on how to administer them. Enjoy your activities, have fun and be safe!

Arnica Montana 200C – remedy for trauma, shock of trauma, bruises, overworked muscle soreness, palpitations after any shock or injury, influenza fever with sore, aching muscles, septic, traumatic fevers, acute tonsillitis. When given right away after the incident it helps to diminish swelling, bruising, pain, promotes healing, does not allow the infection to set in.

Ledum Pallustre 200C – punctured wounds produced by sharp-pointed tools or objects and bites with the coldness of the wounded part. Helps to prevent tetanus.

Hypericum Perforatum 200C – injuries to nerves – brain, spine, fingertips, puncture wounds, infected wounds, crushed wounds. Tetanus, if symptoms start to develop. Specific for tailbone pains from injury. Spasms after injury. 

Apis Mellifica 200C – allergic shock, oedema, hives, insect bites with much swelling, itching and burning. Allergic reactions to bee or wasp sting. Allergic swelling of face and eyelids, lips, mouth and throat. Acute cystitis – dysuria with stinging pains, last drops burn and smart.

Aconitum Napelis 200C – acute, sudden and violent illness with high fever after exposure to cold dry winds and becoming chilled. Attacks of sudden fear and anxiety. Fear of flying on airplanes. 

Belladonna 200C – heat or sunstroke with throbbing, bursting, hammering headache which is worth lying down flat with hot flushed face and cold body. Flu with sudden intense heat, with hot red skin, flushed face, dilated pupils, throbbing carotids. Sunburn.

Arsenicum Album 200C – food poisoning – violent vomiting and diarrhea with faintness, burning raw cramping pains in stomach and burning pain after diarrhea.

Nux Vomica 200C – indigestion after rich food, coffee, alcohol. Motion sickness with splitting headache and sensitivity to smells.

Veratrum Album 200C – violent vomiting and diarrhea with colicky pains, thirst for ice-cold water, general coldness, icy cold sweat, collapse and weakness accompany diarrhea.

Natrum Muriaticum 200C – constipation of travellers. Chronic symptoms (especially skin symptoms) can get worse at the sea-side, sun and heat.

Carbo Vegetabilis 200C – state of collapse after sunstroke, food poisoning (especially shell fish) – weakness with cold, clammy skin and nausea, fainting with desire for fresh air and be fanned.

Pulsatilla 200C – sunburn, food poisoning especially with rotten meat and fish.

Bryonia 200C – acute illnesses with the thirst for large quantities of water and general dryness, aversion to slightest movement which aggravates the pains, and desire to press painful area with the hand. Think about that remedy in case of acute mastitis, appendicitis, flu,  headaches, coughs, injuries.

Rhus Toxicodendron 200C – antidotes poison ivy poisoning, sprains, strains after over-exertion.

Travel Sickness Remedies: Coccolus – dizziness, faint feeling, nausea with increased saliva and a metallic taste, better for lying down. Bryonia – worse for slightest movement, even to extent of moving the eyes. Petrolium – Headache with pains in the back of the head and nausea, feel worse for fresh air. Tabacum – better in a fresh air, nausea and vomiting with icy coldness and cold sweat, dizziness. 

How to take the remedy:

Choose the indicated remedy and take 2 pills. Let pills dissolve under the tongue. Repeat if symptoms are coming back after amelioration. Change the remedy if you do not see the effect within 1 hour. You can also use indicated remedies in 30C potency. 

When possible, contact your homeopath for professional help and support.

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