Treated Cases

Allergic Reaction after Antibiotics and Apis Mellifica

Lady contacted me with symptoms of allergic reaction appeared on the 5th day of taking antibiotic Lincomycin. Antibiotic was prescribed for signs of infection after laser gum treatment. Cough appeared on the 5th day of taking antibiotics, she felt she could not swallow saliva. She had difficulty breathing while lying down. Her voice was raspy. Examination found swelling of the tongue and white coating, redness under the tongue. She was prescribed Prednisone, antihistamine medication and bronchodilator by her doctor. She decided to try homeopathic remedies first as she remembered before she had adverse reactions to the medications. Apis Mellifica 30C was prescribed. After the first dose voice became normal and by the evening patient reported overall progress. She fully recovered in a couple of days.


Bryonia and High Fever

I was invited to visit 1.5 year old boy with high fever that lasted for 2 days already. When I entered the room the boy was sitting near his mom, moaning from pain. He would not move. It looked like he was suffering from pain but could not tell us what is going on with him. I asked his permission to take him to my arms, he was OK with that. When I touched  him and moved he was in distress with more pain and was comforted when I wrapped my hand around his head. I understood that pressure with my hand brought some relief to him. I asked his mom if he is drinking water/fluids, she said yes and gave him a water bottle, he drank entire bottle pretty fast. I was ready to prescribe the remedy: aggravated by slightest movement, better by pressure and thirst for large quantities of water. I gave a little boy 1 pill of Bryonia Alba 200 and to my surprise within seconds he started smiling and in a few minutes he was playing with his toys happily. It took another 4 to 6 hours for fever to subside, but he definitely was not suffering from pains.


A Letter From A Patient

I am forwarding the letter I have written for your blog — I hope it is worthy of all the kindness and support you have shown me these last 3 years…again, I apologize for the delay…feel free to change whatever you need as I don’t remember all the dates and timeline too well…hope it is not too long…feel free to do what you need to it.

“I became very ill after a bad fall in March of 2014. After seeing over 20 specialists and being given 8 addictive drugs over the span of a year, I became worse.

The fall affected my L5 nerve with disc herniation and I eventually developed allodynia. A chiropractor helped with constant adjustments but not the pain. On the advice of our veternarian (who was well ahead of her time and with whom we had been using homeopathic remedies on our German Shepherds for over 5 years), I called her and she recommended I find a homeopath for myself…I really felt something else was needed but was not sure which way to go.

So I contacted a homeopath and started remedies in January of 2016. With a combination of counselling and the remedies it took a year to slowly get off the meds (which was very painful in and of itself), but I was constantly encouraged to understand that the withdrawals were causing more pain.

As the remedies were slowly added and the meds reduced, it took another year to start to feel better…at this point, the nerve and disc were starting to heal but walking was almost impossible to bear due to the allodynia, or faulty brain signals.

I have followed the instructions of my homeopath to the letter since 2015 that we met — I can say that now I am completely healed, physically, at least, but the physio following has been a challenge…I am being monitored by my doctor, neurologist, chiropractor, physiotherapist but I can walk, swim, exercise — life is back.

In August of 2017 my husband of 40 years suddenly left the family. After those 3 horrible years of physical pain (emotional as well) I am still very content to use the helpful remedies and am in need of these corresponding homeopathic remedies to guide me through this very difficult time — I have not nor do I plan on taking any meds prescribed by my physician to help with any depression, especially since the remedies work with no side effects.

Along the way there have been several other issues concerning dental, skin, eyes, emotions, etc. that were well explained to me in accordance with homeopathic practice and beliefs — explanations that have made much sense in the healing process. Once again, the corresponding remedies have helped enormously.

I have come to understand that drugs mask many problems, which is not the goal of healing.

I was very fortunate to have found a very knowledgeable, kind and supportive homeopath to whom I am indebted for her ‘being there’ for me in so many ways, all this time.

Homeopathy has helped me heal and I will never return to regular meds unless there is absolutely no other way.

A most satisfied believer.”


Belladonna, High Fever with Redness of the Face and Acute Attack Story. How our unprocessed emotions can affect our health.

I was contacted by a middle age woman who suddenly developed very high fever with redness of the face and throbbing headache, no other symptoms were present. I learned that 2 days prior, after expressing her view on social media she was attacked by someone threatening her with complaints to professional organization and press. Her reaction to it was shock and disbelief “that someone could even think to threaten a person for his views with action that could affect every aspect of her life – personal and professional.” She felt angry inside but never expressed it and did not react to threats. She was given homeopathic remedy Belladonna 200 and improved within next 4 hours with reduction of the fever, disappearance of headache and better emotional state. My analysis was based on knowledge of picture of the remedy: ailments from fright with suddenness of symptoms, throbbing, pulsating carotids, heat with redness of the face and Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s descriptions of Belladonna state in his book Soul of Remedies: “The main feeling of a Belladonna person is of a sudden threat from outside from which he has to escape in order to survive…when the attack comes, he becomes crazy with fear and anxiety, with excitement, with throbbing of the carotids, palpitation of the heart and a feeling of imminent threat or danger.”


High Fever and Sore Throat

Patient contacted me complaining of high fever (39.3 C) since last nigh and sore throat, worse on the left side, no cough, no nose discharge. She mentioned that when fever started she felt that her toes were cold while the rest of the foot is hot, she felt heat mainly in her head with hot cheeks and forehead. She reported that she is in bed and it hard to get up and walk. No much redness of the face, thirst during the night, thirst on and off during the day for cold water in sips. She feels that throat is inflamed but painful only when swallowing. She also feel pain in lower back and inner thigh, pain in forehead and temples. The day before she came down with the fever she felt stressed at school, feeling overwhelmed with desire to stop everything. Body response to overwhelmed – rapid shallow respiration, lump in the pit of the stomach with the feeling of pressure from above and sense of anxiety with chaotic thinking and desire to hold her head at the temples. She usually cries to relieve the tension, the berths deep. It feels like tears take away that lump in the pit of the stomach and she can breath normally and calms down.

Based on her symptoms she was prescribed Sepia 30CH. In 4 hours fever came down to 38.5 after she felt like heat from her head went down her legs, then started to climb up again. Remedy was repeated. In 1.5 hours patient reported that lymph nodes on her neck got swollen and painful when pressed lightly, fever down to 37.5. The general state is better, still a bit weak, but throat pain is less. During the night patient perspired 2 times, she felt post-nasal drip, fever in the morning is 38.1, overall she feels much better, energy is good. By afternoon – temperature is 37.5, throat is less painful, feels much better. By the end of the day no fever, no throat pain.



I’d like to tell about my experiences with homeopathy.  They’ve been surprising and very positive.  I’ve known about homeopathy for decades and have used homeopathic remedies with a lot of success.  A notable example was when my first child was really uncomfortable with teething troubles, a homeopathic remedy helped surprisingly quickly when other things I’d tried did not help at all.  Through the years there have been many examples, but it wasn’t until I began my relationship with a homeopath seven years ago that I realized what a powerful and amazing form of medical care homeopathy is!
I have had homeopathic remedies help me physically, mentally and emotionally.  One of the most amazing changes that occurred while taking one particular remedy was that instead of sometimes being nervous and afraid to speak openly to my husband, I became totally comfortable saying whatever I wanted to without even thinking about it – without trying to figure out how I was going to word things.  That change is permanent.  It happened several years ago and I have never gone back to how I was before.
One time comes to mind when I was sick, including stomach discomfort and diarrhea.  I contacted my homeopath, gave my symptoms, received the reply, took 1 dose of the recommended remedy, and within about an hour all symptoms disappeared and did not return!  That type of thing has happened many times.  Actually, today I went to see my homeopath.  I had been, and was still feeling really dreadful emotionally.  I could hardly stand it!  I didn’t feel at all like myself.  I just didn’t know how I could bear it any longer, and I actually didn’t feel very hopeful about the possibility of feeling much of an improvement any time soon.  At the end of the appointment a remedy was prescribed and I was told to take just 1 pill of the prescribed remedy and report back to my homeopath tomorrow.  Within 2 hours I began to notice a subtle shift.  Two hours after that I was feeling a huge change – so much more “back to my self”.  I could hardly believe it!  And now It’s four hours later and I’m still feeling very good.  Totally different from how I’d been feeling!
I can’t really put into words how important homeopathic treatment has been for me.  I find it a safe, gentle, healthy form of medicine and am extremely thankful for it.  In closing, I’m going to quote from an email to my homeopath from last December.  I’d been really depressed and feeling simply awful emotionally, and had emailed my homeopath who’d offered a phone consultation the next day (Christmas Eve).  After the phone call I was able to purchase the remedy.  Here is what I wrote to my homeopath some hours later:  Gosh, it’s amazing what 2 little pills can do!  (Going to take my second two and go to bed.)  Was chatting a lot with Craig on the way home after buying the remedy and taking it!  Very different; more like my usual chatty self.  I have colour! no depression! not “plagued” by any intrusive thoughts!   I have more energy; more “Kathryn” present (back from wherever it was.  It stepped back into its “place”).  I am including a photo of my Christmas tree, which shows the “miracle”  ! ! !    If anyone had told me this morning that I’d decide to put up the tree and not find it the least bit daunting, and that I would feel more positive about it being Christmas, I would NOT have believed them for a second!  Photo shows the Christmas tree lights sparkling and I’m actually Enjoying them!  I’ll be putting more decorations on it tomorrow. 🙂
So that’s the type of miraculous changes that can be brought about when just the right homeopathic remedy is taken.  It’s amazing and wonderful.  I Love homeopathy!